Main Responsibilities of Beijing Municipal Forestry and Parks Bureau(Office of Beijing Greening Commission)


 (1)To implement laws, regulations and policies on gardening and forestry  development; to draft and implement local regulations concerning gardening and  forestry development and to supervise their implementation; to put forward  development strategies on gardening and forestry activities; to work out mid and  long-term development plan and annual plans on gardening and forestry  activities; to lay down detailed planning on urban parks and greenery land and  to supervise its implementation; to provide guidelines for gardening and  forestry development. 
 (2)To be responsible for the management of gardening activities and forest  resources; to be in charge of forest resources inventory, evaluation, dynamic  monitoring, statistical analysis, etc.; to take charge of registration  management of forest ownership; to take responsibility of supervising the use of  specialized fund allocated for municipal-level forestry projects.
 (3)To drawn up municipal standards and norms on forestry management and  gardening activities; to work out classified protection criteria for ancient and  rare trees; to develop forest logging quota; to formulate and implement  construction criteria and management norms for parks, scenic spots and nature  reserves which refer to forest, wildlife or wetland reserves.
 (4)To organize and Organizations to develop the urban landscape management  standards and specifications, and supervise their implementation; draft the  construction standards and regulations for parks and natural reserve, and  organize the implementation; elaboration of the ancient and famous trees  protection grade standard; responsible for the municipal level landscape  construction project special funds supervision.
 (5)To be responsible for terrestrial wildlife conservation, in particular,  to organize and guide the relevant work in terms of terrestrial wild fauna and  flora conservation and their wise use; to work out terrestrial wild fauna and  flora conservation directory; to be responsible for construction and management  of nature reserves; to carry out biodiversity protection work according to  relevant laws; to be in charge of the monitoring, quarantine and prevention of  organisms which are harmful to forest and greenery land.
 (6)To guide and supervise the work on forest fire prevention and fighting;  to work out forest fire prevention plan and forest fire fighting emergency plan  as well as to supervise their implementation; to provide guidance for the  construction of forest fire prevention infrastructure and the establishment of  forest fire brigades; to be responsible for the work of forest public security  and for the management of forest public security officers; to cope with criminal  cases on destroying forest resources.
 (7)To organize greening, afforestation and mountain-closure activities; to  organize, coordinate, guide and supervise desertification-combating activities  as well as biological measures such as tree-planting and grass-cultivation so as  to control soil and water erosion; to supervise the implementation of the key  gardening and forestry projects; to organize and guide the construction,  protection and management of ecological forest; to organize and coordinate  important greening and beautifying events.
 (8)To be responsible for law enforcement in regard to gardening and forestry development.
 (9)To study and put forward forest industry development policy proposals  and to work out forest industry development plan; to be responsible for the  management of forest fruit, flowers, honeybees, silkworms, forest tourism, and  forest seeds and seedlings.
 (10)To work out science and technology development program and annual plan  for gardening and forestry development; to provide guidance for research,  development and dissemination of key science and technology projects; to be  responsible for the management of information system on gardening and forestry  development; to carry out external exchanges and cooperation in the field of  gardening aspects and forestry development.
 (11)To be responsible for the education popularization, law knowledge  spreading, and publicity work in regard to gardening and forestry  development.
 (12)To take the responsibility of the daily work of the Capital Green  Commission; to be responsible for the launching, coordination, supervision,  evaluation and commending businesses in regard to activities such as greening  and beautifying Beijing events and compulsory tree-planting campaigns.
 (13)To fulfill other work designated by Beijing municipal  government.


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