Introduction of Beijing Gardening and Greening Bureau(Capital Greening Office)

  As the capital of China, Beijing is not only an ancient city but also full of green. Beijingers love green and enjoy life. With its rapid development which has brought about new changes everyday, Beijing is now full of vitality.
  Beijing Gardening and Greening Bureau is an agency of Beijing Municipal Government, taking the responsibility of ecological and environmental protection work such as strategic research, urban-and-rural greening project planning and implementation. The Bureau is composed of 20 divisions and 36 affiliated institutions. All Beijing’s 18 districts and counties have respectively set up specialized agencies responsible for gardening activities and most of their communes or townships have established grass-root forestry institutions. These agencies and institutions have made a great contribution to greening and beautifying Beijing’s territory.
  Following the spirit and guidelines on ecology development and environment construction put forward by the CPC (Communist Party of China) Central Committee and the State Council, Beijing Municipal government has made tremendous efforts in greening and beautifying Beijing, resulting in remarkable achievements in setting up high-standard forestry ecosystem, relatively developed forest industry and high-level forest resources safeguarding system. These achievements have provided Beijing city an ecological defence which includes 3 greenery belts, i.e. the inner belt of buffer zone, the in-between belt of plains and the outer belt of mountains. Such efforts have laid a good foundation for building Beijing a harmonious society between human beings and nature as well as a social and economic sustainable development city with green mountains,purified rivers, fresh air, beautiful environment and sound ecology.
  With ancient history, splendid culture and wonderful landscape, Beijing welcomes all visitors all over the world.

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